Sunday was a lovely, sunny, 40 degree day here in Indiana, so we decided to visit Philips Quarry for a quick dive. We got in, Cam got himself sufficiently chilled (he is diving wet in 39 degree water!), and we headed down with a destination of the pontoon boat. The visibility has been poor of late and this time of day, we figured the sun would help us out over on that side of the quarry.

We discovered a layer of algae bloom over everything. It looked like a puffy green and white cloud has settled over the bottom. It was actually quite pretty, Visibility was pretty good, so we swam around a bit, enjoyed the scenery, played, and ran into a couple of bluegill.

Towards the end of the dive, I noticed a stream of bubbles coming from Cam’s first stage. Turned out to be a tank o-ring issue. Nothing to get terribly excited about, just a routine maintenance issue. The goal of the dive was to have a fun, relaxing, easy dive and enjoy the day, which we achieved. Even on a chilly afternoon with less than ideal visibility, a quick dive can be a lot of fun and even an algae bloom can be really pretty to look at.

A Bloomin' Good Time